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By investing in the New Zealand Residential Property Market

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Who are Journey2?


Journey2 is committed to assisting Kiwis in freeholding their homes as soon as they can, by using brand new residential properties, the power of compound growth and our "Freehold Plan"

Journey2 offers an independent service for people wanting to get ahead financially. What does that mean? Our clients have different goals – sometimes it’s just to earn income to pay off their mortgage, sometimes it’s to take care of your family or retirement. Everyone is different.

We work with the very best, trusted professionals who are experts in their area. This includes accountants and tax specialists, financial planners, finance specialists and property developers. If what we do fits with you and we work together, you’ll be following your own customised investment strategy.

What do we do?


Journey2 will map out a plan to demonstrate how you can purchase a new rental property, for the purpose of using it to freehold your home in the future. 

You will be given a step by step guide with the assistance of independent professionals, to allow you to make an informed decision about the benefits of paying off your mortgage. 

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What do the professionals say?

" When my client's ask why they should pay their Mortgage off quicker and freehold their home, this is my response to them. Over the past 100 years it is a proven record that houses throughout Auckland double in value over a 10-year period.


It is also proven that on an average person's income they wouldn't be able to save that amount over 10 years’ time. 

How would you feel to have the freedom to invest your mortgage payments into different Investment projects for your financial freedom? Or just save it in the bank?


One of the main purposes in life is for you to have control over your hard-earned income not someone else." 

Sandy Williams - Jameson Home Loans 

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