Why invest?

Investing in residential property is a generally well accepted pathway to achieving financial success (achieving your financial goals). Obviously, diversification is an important aspect of our investing strategy. For many people this is achieved in early years by utilising Kiwisaver funds. Kiwisaver alone, of course, does not achieve people’s financial goals between now and age 65, when Kiwisaver funds become available.

Saving hard is also not generally a complete answer for most. We don’t live long enough! Saving can be an answer for short term goals (0 to 3 or 4 years say) but is not usually the answer for medium and long term goals. For example, saving $500 per month for ten years would achieve $60,000. That is a tough road to tread but is better than nothing. Unfortunately, most people find it very difficult to save and sacrifice hard, consistently, over long periods of time. The course of life keeps throwing unexpected and unwanted expenses at us. These take chunks of our saving if not all (children for example – the wee dears). Ask yourself three questions. When was the last time you saved $50,000 out of your tax paid income? How much could you save every month (without fail) for the next 5 or 10 or 20 years? Multiply it by 12 and then multiply that by the number of years and you have a result. Further, what sacrifices did you have to make to your lifestyle to save that?

Leveraging is one of the “secrets to financial success”. Using equity (current asset surplus, for example, your home) to invest in another home (someone else pays you to live in it) can be a powerful tool to creating wealth and achieving financial goals. This must be pursued with good advice and a well thought out plan.

Residential property is an excellent leveraging tool. A large percentage of NZ’s wealthy people started their financial journey by leveraging into residential property as an investment. You could too!!

Contact us and we would love to sit down with you, have a cup of tea, and answer your questions. You have nothing to lose, but it could be the best thing you EVER do to change your financial future!